Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reactions To Corsetry

I have explained briefly in a prior post that I've been waist training and what exactly that means. I've also told you how much I am in love with it. This time I wanted to focus on the reactions I have gotten from some pretty surprised people. 

I bought my first authentic corset in late January and have been wearing it off and on ever since. When I wore it I'd get a few stares and notice some people whispering and staring. Especially at school. Especially at school in the girls locker room when I put it on after p.e. It has never bothered me , I found it pretty amusing actually because I knew it's a rare sight and sometimes we as people don't know how to react to things. 

Last week I got a smaller corset (Seen above). When I close it my waist will measure 18"! I'm so excited, I can't even begin to express how much! But the thing is- the more extreme my waist measurement, the more extreme reactions, and not all are kind or even polite. 

(My belt is about 2" too big in the picture above) 

Now I have gotten to the point in corsetry where walking to class or during lunch at school I have become a circus side show act. It's rare now that I don't draw gawking stares. I've seen people talk about it on Facebook saying that I have gone too far and it's unattractive, or that I look like I should be in constant pain, that I scare people, and (get this one) I give someone never ending nightmares. Whoa. Okay pal. In person I am constantly asked how I can breathe and how much does it hurt. I am always polite and try my best to make people understand corsetry even just a little bit. I always catch people elbowing a friend so they can turn around and look at me or take the occasional attempted secret photo. The best/worst of these was when a girl walking past me shouted, "Oh I just can't! I can't even look it's so wrong!" It makes me feel like, um, hello! Person here! I can hear you! Not a robot! Just someone with a small waist! 

Let's focus on the good reactions for a while though. Because I really am proud of what I am accomplishing. And I understand that people won't always understand or accept it. I always have people smiling and exclaiming how incredible my proportions are and when I explain it's from corsetry they get really excited. Anyone can do this! I get asked often where to get one and how to get started. I am always ecstatic to answer questions and possibly convert someone to this lifestyle. People always ask if they can try to put their hands around my waist, and I say yes of course! No one has been able to close their hands around my waist but it has gotten close a few times! I get told that it is beautiful to have such a feminine hour glass silhouette and I personally will always agree! 

I'm very sorry if this turned into a complaining post, I really didn't intend it to come across that way. It was more of a journal to share the reactions that come with such a hobby, both positive and negative. I don't do it for attention or reactions. Certainly the extreme negative comments from people aren't encouraging, but that's to be expected now. I'm never hurt by them. I'll continue to get smaller and share occasional updates. If you want to see more of a  daily update follow my Instagram (My username is Shorty_high_pockets)!