Saturday, June 21, 2014

Graduation, life lately, and a funny corset experience

First and foremost... I graduated from highschool! Oh my goodness 13 years of schooling. It was so strange to think that this is the longest amount of time I have ever worked on something and it's done. I really don't feel old enough to have to move on and become an adult. Really I'm still just a kid! But life doesn't really care how young I feel, I have to get a job, and continue my schooling in January. This time I get to pick my school and what I learn! I chose to take a fashion design program. I can't wait!

Over the summer this far I've spent most of my time going out with my friends during the day and staying out until the early hours of the morning and I'll tell you what- I was not made to stay up and go to parties as often as I have been. I'm naturally a homebody. I like staying at home, sewing, watching old movies and documentaries, and bathing multiple times a day to relax. And lots of Pinterest. Holy cow I love Pinterest. 

I've also been continuing my waist training! I absolutely love corsets with vintage dresses and pencil skirts. I've felt quite inspired lately by the combination which has resulted in some pretty spectacular outfits. Sorry I haven't posted any!!!

There's one recent night in specific I'd like to talk about in regards to wearing a corset. I went out a few days ago to a carnival with a few friends and I felt like one of the attractions! A couple of us had never gone anywhere together and they were just as entertained to walk behind me and watch the people's reactions as they were to do things at the carnival. So many people would stop mid sentence and gawk. Others would elbow their friends and point. All with me completely aware! So many people tried to sneak pictures of me but a lot of the time I caught them soon enough to smile at the camera or pose. Whoever took the picture would look up super panicked and turn around because they knew they got caught. We all loved hearing the whispered conversations about the girl with the tiny waist that must be in so much pain from wearing a corset. It's amazing from all of the stares I attract and conversations about me I'm not supposed to hear that it's rare I'm asked about it in person. Maybe it's intimidating or they think it's impolite to ask but I'm always excited to explain it. Corsetry is something that I'm happy to share with others because of the love I have for it myself! One of these days I'm going to have a friend behind me record or take pictures of the reactions so that I can really share them with you!