Sunday, February 24, 2013

my hair..

I love changing my hair.  Most changes are pretty low key, but that is what happens when your mom is a hair stylist.  Lots of rules about what you can do to it or not.

September 2009
 I got straight across bangs, and this was very big for me.  I think this is the tiny cut that gave me the bug to keep changing.

December 2009
Oh my goodness.  I went through "a little punk phase".  I made my mom chop off my hair and weave brown in it.

September 2010
I added more blonde and started letting it grow back.

December 2010
Aha! Punk part two!  Maybe emo?  You wouldn't know it because I wasn't wearing makeup at this Christmas party.  I used tons of eyeliner during this phase.  I never took pictures of myself when it was first brown, and it was dark!  It wasn't red like this picture.  Maybe it was the lighting at the Christmas party(also why there isn't eyeliner covering my lids).

February 2011
The lil' punk in me was slowly fading.  So was my hair.

April 2011
I went back to blonde

June 2011
I added more blonde and let it keep growing...
February 2012
...And growing

June 2012
I got straight across bangs again and hated it!

June 2012
My desire for pink hair was temporarily dwindled when my mom let me get extensions.

July 2012
Then I really lost it!  I asked my mom to cut off 14 inches of hair!

January 2013
I think this must have been the happiest I have ever been with my hair. ever.  Pink!

 Now back to the present- Ginger!  

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Living the vintage dream.

Freedom! My mom to let me drive my sister and Lauren  to Down Town Salt Lake for an estate sale. (did I mention no adults??) I drove in the big snow storm without any problems. We were only down there for a couple hours, but still.  We navigated without my mom telling us where to go. The fact that Lauren's phone had a GPS is completely beside the point...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Yes, the blonde is gone and bright red is in its place.  I needed to stop bleaching the heavens out of my poor hair but I'm not sure what made me go red of all colors.
I got some awesome and unique responses to it today at school. I had some friends even look at me, walk past and not recognise me until I shouted after them. I'm not sure if it will last long, but I will enjoy it for now!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bye bye Blondie!

Wow. this is the last picture of me as a blonde. I'm still getting over the shock of my new hair!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

what I wore: blue!

Good afternoon!  I hope everyone had a better valentine's day than me(mine included not getting a val-o-gram at school, and working after school until 9 pm.  At least I had an awesome dress!  

vintage dress- savers
vintage sweater- estate sale

Thursday, February 14, 2013

what I wore: valentine's day

 The big reveal!  I have been aching to wear this dress to school and post about it! This is the dress I sewed for star events(and got silver).

Did I get many stares? Oh yes.  I got many compliments and some not nice looks and laughs as well.  I like to think on the compliments.  Besides, the people that laughed definitely are not ones I want to resemble at all.  My valentine's day outfit was meant to be big and cheesy.  Success!   I made the cherry dress, crocheted an X and O scarf, and paired it with vintage gloves.

dress- I sewed it! 
XO scarf- I crocheted it!
vintage gloves- estate sale

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

what I wore: california berkeley

I had a good day!  

vintage sweater- estate sale
vintage skirt- estate sale
moccasins- dsw
vintage button up- mom's