Saturday, July 13, 2013

Style Inspiration: Meadham Kirchoff

I am drooling over these clothes.  If anyone wants to, feel free to buy me any of the amazing clothes you see... I'm only half kidding!

Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff
meadham kirchhoff  Meadham Kirchhoff
Meadham Kirchhoff  Meadham Kirchhoff
Meadham Kirchhoff
Meadham KirchhoffMeadham Kirchhoff
meadham kirchhoff

Monday, July 8, 2013

thrifting 101: thrift stores

Thrift stores can be super overwhelming, but you seriously can find incredible vintage clothes at amazing prices if you have patience.

1.     just like any other form of thrifting, you have to be patient and understand that you aren't usually going to find ten amazing things at once (And yes, you are more likely to run into something less than desireable that smells funny).  The first time my mom dragged me to Saver's I was an unknowing thirteen year old. I walked out and waited outside because the smell gave me a headache and all the old and used things looked gross.  Now I go whenever I can.

2.     Look in every section!  That means kids, pants, womens, mens, shoes, everything!  People pick things up and put them back in the wrong places.  The employees also may have put it in the wrong section.                                                                                                                                             

3.     Don't spend a lot of money on one thing!  It's a thrift store.  No one should spend $90 on a used dress (It wasn't even cute or expensive to begin with!)  If you are willing to spend that money on a dress, buy yourself a new one.  The point of thrifting was originally to save people money!  

4.     Not only should you look in every section, you should look in every size.  If it is vintage you're after, the size on the tag is different from sizing now. You are a bigger vintage size.  Also, if there are home sewn beauties they won't have a tag.  Employees guess the size.  And trust me, they don't actually care to be very accurate.

5.   Jeans- feel overwhelmed looking at this picture?  Me too.  Followers on this blog know I would choose wearing a vintage skirt or dress over jeans.  For as long as I have been into thrifting, the jeans section is something I have walked around completely.  I told myself not even to look into that isle because it was so much of one thing glaring me in the face.

My mom made me look for jeans.  I found green high waisted pants that weren't jeans at all in that section!  See again, rule 2.  I also have projects requiring vintage jeans.  So I actually, for the first time recently, looked through the entire jean section!  This is a personal victory.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Matt Hardy Photography

My amazing Uncle Matt, whom everyone says I resemble so much, did a photo shoot with me!  I was so excited to see how they turned out, and they are fantastic!  Everyone click as fast as your mouses will let you and like his facebook page HERE

Recently Thrifted

With less than one month left before the Fleattitude Vintage Flea Market, I have gone into overdrive shopping for my booth.  I am buying so many treasures to fill my space with!  So please, everyone come on August 3rd! 

 I think this beaded cardigan is so beautiful!  As I said yesterday, I made very sure to be first in line so I could run to the back room with the clothes in it.  The woman behind me knew what I'd be after based on how I was dressed and all but ran over my mom to get in front of me.  But I prevailed, and bought all the vintage goodies.  Despite the fact that she blocked me from an entire rack and kept trying to stand in front of me.  

 This sweater will not be sold.  Two sewing mice?!  It was made for me!

 A very large amount of the clothes I bought were brand new, with the tags still hanging on them. 

 Vintage gurdles!  So many bras and underwear!  When I got into the room, I grabbed the bin full of them then threw the sweaters and dresses on top of it.  If you haven't been able to guess, estate sales can be very intense when two vintage clothing lovers are racing for the goods.  You get quite the adrenaline rush.  And I'm just overly dramatic sometimes.

 Don't think that this is all the underwear I bought.  I'm just trying to narrow down this post by about half!

This was a fantastic estate sale weekend!  Have you gotten anything awesome lately?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Estate sale-ing some more

This estate sale trip was all about the vintage lingerie.   I bought crazy amounts of vintage bras and gurdles with store tags still on them! I dont have a picture of them yet, but tomorrow will bring an overwhelming amount of recently thrifted pictures, I promise!

I also have to leave this picture of me carrying the flour tin and pyrex dish.  It makes me look like an ideal 1950s house wife. Little does my pretend husband know, because I don't cook nor do I clean. I just like looking nice next to the pretty things.

vintage shirt- estate sale
vintage skirt- estate sale
vintage shoes- estate sale
vintage purse-estate sale
vintage scarf- my great grandma's

Monday, July 1, 2013

What I wore: seeing red

I'm wearing a lot of red lately. I dont know why, but I'm really loving the color right now! 
Today was a fantastic day at work.  Seriously, nearly every single customer that came in complimented my outfit. It makes me think that red lipstick needs to become an everyday accessory!

vintage dress- estate sale
vintage purse- estate sale
shoes- unhinged