Sunday, June 30, 2013

what I wore: I sew rockabilly

Holy cow!  It has been an incredibly hot week!  It was the perfect time to pull my hair off of my neck and break in a shirt I sewed a little bit ago, but have only worn once. 

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shirt- I made it! 
shorts- forever 21
shoes- jcpenny
scarf- estate sale
sunglasses- jcpenny
purse- kmart

Thursday, June 27, 2013

She and Him and Tilley And the Wall

That could be summed up as the best night of my life.  I got to stand right in front of my hero and listen to her sing! While we waited for it to start, another Lauren and I ate pizza and I crocheted.  When Tilley and the Wall opened a few people got up and danced- including us!  Others watching laughed and recorded the dancing, but we didnt care any.

She and Him asked no pictures be taken, but I really couldn't resist one of my hero! This was my first concert and I'm hooked!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I wore: going to she and him

I'm off to the She and Him concert! Zoe Dechanel is my hero and that I get to see her is an absolute dream come true. I couldn't ask for a better first concert!

vintage dress- garage sale
shoes- target

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This estate did some damage

As I mentioned earlier,  I am cleaning out and redoing my room.  Yesterday I was supposed to get the cleaning portion finished. Instead, I went to an estate sale and a couple garage sales- the best way to procrastinate! Or so I thought. Its really the absolute worst because I bought things when I'm trying to reduce the number of treasures in my room. This woman had bags and bags of yarn in one room. An additional room was dedicated just for her vintage fabric and patterns! I came, conquered,  and filled my car completely.

The real positive thing that came from my going out yesterday morning was that I bought a whole new set of furniture- boy, was it a steal! A bed, dresser, giant mirror, and two bedside tables for $60!!!

I bought too much for one post, but you'll see photos of my new room when I'm finished!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

the consequences of being social.

I'm so happy to be social this summer!  Hanging out with friends is so fun, especially with our crazy adventures!  I have incredible friends, and staying out late night after night has been amazing.  But it does come with its consequences, the most obvious being lack of sleep.  Not going to bed until the next day does drain a person.  And my bedroom.  When I'm not out with friends, I'm at work.  Which had wrecked my room.  The mess is beyond anything you can imagine, which makes me feel bad.  Actually, it's pretty mortifying! 

I have learned very quickly that I need to balance work and friends, as well as sleep and personal time to do things like blog, sew, and crochet.  Here's to an incredible rest of the summer!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

counting down to Hawaii: a long, long time...

It is official- I am going to Hawaii with my grandparents!  I am way too excited, because I don't leave until after school starts.  Since I am just now learning that it is a for sure trip, I'll blog with the first wind of excitement and post a few pictures that will hopefully satisfy me until the date gets closer!

I am watching this movie tonight.  I love Gidget!

Johanna Ost is my hero.  Everything about her is perfection- including this Hawaiian dress she made!

I definitely need to work on getting a vintage inspired swimsuit for the vacation.

A massive thank you and the fleattitude vintage market

I owe Madi a massive thank you for taking care of my blog while I was away! She did a fabulous job! Thank you thank you thank you!
For those of you who don't know, I was away at camp for the week. I had a really nice time hanging out and bonding with some amazing ladies, but it is so nice to be home wearing dresses and skirts again.

Today I went to the Fleattitude vintage flea market. Everything was so beautiful and so...perfect! I came home with some really cool dresses! Although the shopping was fun, the best part is that I was asked if I would want to be a vendor for the next date.  It looks if everything works out, I am going to sell on August 3rd- save the date!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some Quality Places To Shop

Hey, it is still Madi!  Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite places to shop... which are mostly around the Salt Lake City area.  Let's get started!

The D.I. (A Thrift Store)
I will not deny how much I love the D.I.  Heh.  But really, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time at various D.I.'s around Utah, because they are all over the place.  That is what is so great about them!  Can't find anything at the D.I. you are at?  Well, just try the one in the next city over!  Or in the case of Salt Lake...well, I think there are about 5 D.I.'s in that city alone.  For a thrift store, things aren't the cheapest, but there are definitely a lot of interesting things to look at.  I could spend hours there!

Thrift Town (A Thrift Store....Obviously)
 Yay Thrift Town!  I love this place!  There is a ton of stuff, hours could be spent here as well.  Haha, my great grandma used to go here all the time, it's been around for quite a while.  And I think it looks like a grocery story.  But yes, it is definitely a fun one to go to, especially because everything is ridiculously cheap, and they are always having sales!

Decades (A Vintage Consignment Shop)
I think this place is so cool!  But because it is a consignment store, things are a bit more expensive.  Being a cheap teenage piano teacher, I think of this place as more like a museum (I don't tell myself that things are on sale, or I'd be too tempted!)  I think that normal people would see the prices as fair, though!  But really, they have so many cool things here, I could spend, heh heh, decades looking through everything.  AND THEY HAVE A CAT.  The only thing that could be better than that is if they had a baby sloth!

Unhinged (A Vintage Consignment Shop)
This place is really cool.  They sell a lot of (very tastefully selected) vintage items, as well as things that local artists make.  I actually got a prom dress from here!  It is from the 50's and in pretty good condition.  Most everything here is in good condition, it's not one of those places that you have to dig around forever to find something decent!  It's not huge, but there is still a lot to look at!

Well, there you have it.  I hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Sewing Habits (Of Madi)

Hey, it's Madi again!  I don't exactly know what to blog about, so today I shall be rambling about my love for sewing.  Sound good?  Excellent!

So pretty much, I have always loved to sew.  My grandmas started teaching me when I was about 7, and I took a bunch of local embroidery classes... which were kind of awkward because everyone was a lot older than I was.

I never really took it seriously until December 2011, when I was forced to make a vintage style dress for a play that I was in!

That is when I really learned how to use patterns, and I kind of became obsessed.  I am so lucky that my grandma has saved all of her mother's old patterns!

She let me take all the ones that I want (which is enough to keep me busy for eternity) as well as any of the fabric that was hers or her mum's.  I have done so much sewing with all that!

I made these shorts, they are my absolute favorite!
My favorite things to sew are dresses!  I usually don't follow the patterns exactly.  Well, I mostly use them for the top, but not for the skirts, and then sometimes I add collars!  I am obsessed with collars.

I think it is so much fun to have complete control over what you are making!  Really, the options are endless--designing is the best part!

I actually sell most of the dresses that I make!  I'll show you my two favorite that I've sold...

I made the dress my brother's girlfriend wore to prom!
I don't really plan on going anywhere with my love for sewing.  Well, I really wouldn't be opposed to going into fashion design!  But I'm actually probably going into journalism....  However, sewing is such a fun hobby, and I think I'll keep it up forever!  Plus, it could be good money on the side, haha.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey, I'm Madi!

Hello everyone!  I was so flattered when my friend Oakley asked me to babysit her blog while she is away at camp!  I am very inspired by her blog, so this is pretty cool for me.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a post to introduce myself.  My name is Madi, and I'm the owner of How To Approach Life Madi Style!

Let's see...well, I'm 16 and I love sewing, thrifting, music, running, using Burt's Bees chapstick, and throwing knives at things.  That pretty much sums me up--if you were really curious to learn more you'd just go to my blog.

Though my blog is about my life in general, not just fashion, I plan to provide you with a week's worth of quality fashion (or vintage...or sewing...) related posts here on Oakley's blog!  So I hope that you enjoy this week.  I know I shall!