Monday, March 10, 2014


Over a cup of tea I would tell you...

Life is crazy. I haven't gone without posting this long since I started blogging! I haven't been doing a lot of things I love, actually. I have not finished one painting since school started. I haven't sewn a vintage dress in what feels like an eternity (but good news, missed readers, I have some projects underway!).  The majority of this year has been spent lazy and uninspired, which makes me want to cry! I have even been wearing jeans. 

Luckily, the vintage fairies paid me a visit while I was sleeping and punched me in the face with inspiration. I have finally begun dressing up again, I cleaned my room and picked up restyling it again, I watched the first half of Mad Men season one last night, I dusted off my neglected sewing machine and used it. And you know what? Simple things like these make me happy. And I always need to make time for them.

I'm not saying this ol' blog will be updated daily (as nice as that'd be). But I will do my best to post regularly. Thank you to any readers that have miraculously not given up on me!


  1. I totally understand. Sometimes I feel like, 'what the heck, I want to blog but I'm not?'. It makes me feel lazy in a sense or like it's such a lame excuse! You know what I mean? But it's true, you have to be inspired. If you aren't inspired, then you won't produce a good post. I will read regardless!


  2. Thanks! That means a lot! I really do want to get back into blogging again!