Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo an Hour: sick day!

I stayed home sick yesterday.  I got tons of crocheting done- that is all I did, actually!  For me, yesterday was a stay in bed, watch seasons of 24, and crochet! 

9 am:  I made a bowl of cereal only to find out it was sour milk.  What a wonderful surprise! 

I had a hot pocket instead.  You can't go wrong with a hot pocket.

 10 am:  I put the strands of yarn in this hat for the mohawk and started my next Christmas gift!  My dear cousin Mckenzie was very clear on what she wanted for Christmas.  A crocheted hat with a mohawk.  I showed her a picture of one and she loved it!  Too bad there wasn't a pattern.  This is just another hat pattern I made up!

11 am:  Still working hard on this hat!

12 pm:  Lunch!

 1 pm:  almost done with the hat!  Too bad you don't get so see it finished yet! I don't want a certain person to go on my blog and see her gift!

 2 pm:   Next hat!  This one is for myself!  I knew what I wanted but there wasn't  a pattern for it- so I made it up!

 3 pm:  Going strong!

4 pm:   Just about done with orange...

 5 pm:  I decided to give it a scalloped edging!  

 6 pm:  Just for the heck of it, why not add some ears?

 7 pm:   finished!

 8 pm:  I packed last minute for my trip to St. George!

There you have it!  A (sick) day in the life of Oakley Seal!  


  1. your freakin' good at that stuff i don't think i could ever make that much stuff in so little time any way my point is your super talented. p.s. i love your new blog...

  2. Thanks so much(And thanks for being my first follower)!!!