Monday, December 3, 2012

What I Wore: Seal Gift Exchange Party 2012

It was an early Christmas party this year for the Seals!  We did the cousin gift exchange and the white elephant gift.  There is another Seal party on Christmas eve too!  

I got amazing gifts from the gift exchange and my grandma and grandpa.  Thanks, everyone!  Everything was perfect!  My cousin Hadley got me a Hello Kitty sweater from Target in the kid's section that I wanted so badly!  My grandparents gave me an art kit, barbie cards, and a really cool purse!  They will all be put to good use!

 Dress- Saver's 
Shirt- Nordstrom
Vintage necklace- Great Grandma's


  1. I LOVE that Santa picture above your fireplace!

  2. Great holiday decorations!

    We would like to share some of the ideas that we have used in our white elephant gift exchange parties;

    Here is a link to some unique variations of the game:

    Happy Holidays.
    Sarah and Bruce Christensen