Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

 I went to St. George over the weekend with my dad and my sister!  We went for my uncle's wedding, but got a ton of crocheting and drawing done too!
 I gave Avery my old knitting looms and I think she is addicted!  She has already made a hat and is halfway done with the scarf she is making above.
On the way to St. George and back, I crocheted a rainbow scarf.  It is going to have clouds on the end, but I am a little discouraged because right now I just made a gay-pride scarf... I like boys!

 Avery saw me painting and asked me to teach her how to draw.  I picked out a face in a photo and taught her the techniques to drawing a face.  I think these faces could belong to twins!

And here is my painting so far!  It is due tomorrow so lets see how long I can put off doing it!

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