Tuesday, January 1, 2013

goals for 2013

 have 365 post this year on my blog- I really want to have a successful blog that I use consistently

post a photo an hour once a month- I think it is fun seeing what I do in one day, plus it makes me more productive!

learn how to knit-  I can crochet pretty well so I want to take my crafting up a notch

read forty books- I love reading!

post one sewing, drawing and crochet project a month-at least.  Maybe this will make me more creative?

be a bit more social- Yes, I need to talk to more people and go out more.

collect lots of vintage goodies to sell- I will eventually have enough..maybe.

paint my nails once a week- I used paint them every other day!


  1. Some great resolutions here that should certainly keep you busy :) I'm also hoping to improve my photography skills this year so the photo an hour challenge looks like fun! Good luck with yours..looking forward to seeing how they pan out.

  2. One day I shall teach you how to knit, and you will take me to an estate sale. This will be one wonderful day indeed :)

  3. Headless Mannequin: Hopefully some sort of photography skills will come out of my photo an hour goals... And thanks for the good luck, because I'll probably need it!

    Madi: That sounds like a very fair trade! I'll take it!