Sunday, May 19, 2013

recently thrifted: I went back!

I thought I cleaned out this estate sale yesterday, but wanted to take my mother and double check.  Wow, I really missed a ton!  Sundays are a fabulous estate sale day because they are the last and the people really just want to get rid of everything before they donate it.  This is why I like to go back for a second trip.  

 This little sewing machine is a pencil sharpener!  Oh my word, I can combine two loves- sewing and drawing!

This beauty really is something I have wanted to put in my room for a long time, but are always too expensive.  Until now.  I am particularly stoked for this purchase.

 One very heavy box of 1950s-70s needle craft magazines are now mine.  I have so many projects that need to be created!

 There were only five sewing patterns, and according to the man working at this estate sale, they were there only because there was a woman on the first day of the sale that bought hundreds and she just missed these ones.
*insert heart broken sigh here*

 Why vintage bowling shoes, you ask? Because I have always wanted my own personal pair. Not because I am a great bowler, but because I think they are cool.  I definitely could not bowl a decent score for my life.  (I am famous for my final score of 14..)

Two pairs of vintage heels.  I swear the mates to these shoes are lost in the sea of vintage-mess that currently is my room.  I just couldn't locate them for the picture.

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