Sunday, May 12, 2013

recently thrifted: oh my word!

Remember that estate sale I was talking about Friday?  I went to it yesterday.  It was indeed the best one I have ever been to.  I spent such little money in comparison to what I bought(but still a fair chunk of my bank account).

Everything there was perfectly hung up and pressed, which is rare for an estate sale.  A lot of times the clothes are wrinkles or dirty.  This woman kept her clothes in gorgeous condition!

I also have to gush about how kind and amazing the woman in charge of the clothes was.  As you look through the post, I bought a ton.  She added up half of the clothes I picked out from yesterday then cut the price to fifty dollars.  She picked up a dress from the pile she had not yet counted and told me that one alone would be twenty-five dollars, looked at everything, then told me to take it all for an incredible price, which was double what I actually had.  I told her I needed to narrow down because I only had half of what she asked for. You know what she said?  She told me she loved that I will wear them and she wants them to go to me because she knows I'll take care of them.  She gave them to me plus the vintage patterns in my hand for the money I had in my purse.

I was so excited and shocked I didn't know if I wanted to cry or pass out or jump all over.

 The green dress above is from the 1930s.  I can now check the goal of owning a dress from that era off of my bucket list.  There was also a flapper dress from the 1920s, but it was shredded.  I opted to leave that one at the sale.

 This yellow one is my personal favorite.  

 I am pretty sure this sheer shirt was supposed to go over a night gown, but I'm wearing it as a shirt!

 This 1940s dress suit is too big for me.  The lucky lady this will fit is an extremely lucky one.

 Maybe this one is tied for favorite?  Second favorite?

Okay, here is the real number one favorite.  

What do you all think?  I am massively excited.  


  1. That estate sale sounds amazing! And I love how excited estate sale folks get when they realize I plan to wear the vintage clothes I'm buying.

    I've just found your blog (through a comment on another blog), and it's great! I can't believe you're just in high school; back then I was still shopping at Hot Topic and wearing skirts over jeans! I know you're stocking up on clothes so you can open a vintage shop one day, and if you decide to sell the green 30's dress in this post, I'd definitely be interested! My email address is storiesblog at yahoo dot com.

    1. I have sent photos to your email, let me know what you think!