Thursday, May 23, 2013

what I wore: banjo playin'

Along with sewing, crocheting, and knitting, I am also expanding my talents this summer by mastering the banjo.  I've been taking lessons off and on for a while now.  Today is the first day I have been able to successfully play a song all the way through(pretty exciting stuff for me)!

 I feel like the picture above describes my personality perfectly.  I also think my bangs go with banjos.

button up- made by me
shorts- estate sale


  1. Hi dear... this is unrelated to this particular blog entry... however, I uploaded a few of the photos we did when we did our photo shoot to my fan page on face book. I also plugged your blog so I am hoping you will see some traffic ( I have over 1600 fans of my photography page) feel free to grab the pics from it and tag yourself. here is the link I also will do my best to go through them all and get you copies very soon. Things have been a bit crazy so sorry I haven't seen you for a bit. Love you, Uncle Matt :)

    1. On a side note: one of my photo quotes has made #3 on the best photography quotes list of all time. It appears on over half a million unique websites and is in a bunch of printed photography books with people like ansel adams and anne geddes. Have a look at #3 kind of cool :)

    2. Uncle Matt! I love them so so sooo much! Thank you! And, you know, you're pretty much a celebrity now! That's so cool! I love you!

  2. Here is one you might like :)