Monday, April 7, 2014

A High Collar And Upcoming Plans

Now would be a magnificent time to mention how I have thrown myself into quite the sewing frenzy.  Today was the start of spring break, and I have big plans.  What are these plans, you ask?  To sew one garment a day.  I have always been a speedy seamstress in my year and a half career and want to take complete advantage of this by pushing my abilities.  I need to because I really want to participate in a Me-Made-May,  meaning I only wear articles of clothing that I have made for the entire month.  I definitely do not have enough pieces to do that. 

If I want a month's wardrobe I will need separates to optimize the amount of outfits I will be able to wear.  I figure this challenge will not only push my sewing capabilities, but also my style.  I might be forced to mix patterns and colors I wouldn't dare before just for the sake of not repeating outfits!  This is a golden opportunity that should not be wasted.

Anyhoo, back to this project.  It is a shirt from Simplicity 5563 (view 3).  

I would have never used this pattern if it weren't for Mad Men.  It would have been one I bought simply because I am a vintage pattern hoarder.  This style of collar is one I shy away from because it is so stinkin' tall!  It scared me a bit. But the women rock these collars in Mad Men.  They look amazing!  So, I simply had to have one too.  Fortunately that didn't come at a big price at all.  I paid $0.50 for the pattern and this fabric was given to me.  

The collar for this pattern actually was quite the beast.  I have no comprehension why but it was inches larger than it was meant to be.  As in 6 inches larger. The dumb thing overlapped itself in the back when the pattern and instructions show the ends not even touching!  It was an easy enough fix, but it was time consuming.  

Have I mentioned that it buttons up the back?

I adore shirts that button from behind. They look classy and are a fun way to mix things up. (anyone out there as obsessed with reverse buttons as I am? No?)

 I am really excited about my project going through this week and I already have two more pieces ready for posting!  

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