Monday, April 21, 2014

My Watermelon Dress

On my last post I mentioned that I made 1 1/2 dresses in one day.  I started and finished the pink dress, and finished this one.  When I look at this dress the first word that comes to my mind is watermelon, thus the name of this post.  Although this dress has daisies on it, the green and melon color draws my attention first.

 This pattern is a Simplicity 7629 from 1968.  There isn't one distinct view I followed.  I did not use a bow or neck ruffle but I did add a lace trim around the skirt.  For a 32 1/2'' bust the final dress ended up pretty big on me.  I'm starting to think I'm giving my petite frame too much credit.

Something about this dress makes me feel like a kid.  I'm not sure if I should give credit to the silhouette, the ruffled hem, the fact that it's a bit loose, or the bright colors.  No matter what the reason is, I love the outcome and the way I feel when wearing it.  It is really exciting to recognize that I love each project more than the last, and that I am wearing them more than I ever have!  (I've worn this dress 3 times in the last 2 weeks or so!)

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  1. That dress makes me want to learn how to sew! It's adorable, and perfect for spring/summer. I love the colors.