Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Pink Dream Dress (And Pattern)

Whenever I picture myself wearing dresses I've made, for some reason they are always pink, floral print, or covered in lace, bows or ribbon.  Rarely thus far has this dream been a reality.  I made this dress with the mind to put all the things I have dreamed of into it. I am in love with this dress, my friends.  It even matches my favorite pair of shoes.

My dream dress was made from a vintage Simplicity 7955 sewing pattern from the 1960s.  I used view 3, but decorated the final product quite a bit.  The dress was so simple to construct. No, really.  I made this and half of another dress (post coming soon) in one day!

I am in love with how basic this pattern is.  It makes a great fitting dress and leaves room to the imagination on how to dress it up be it with ribbon, lace, bows, fringe, fake flowers, rhinestones, or anything else you can think up! 

Please forgive the creases, but I took these pictures after a day's wear.  Ignoring that it needs to be pressed, lets move our attention to the lace details!  They are, in my opinion, what really makes this dress so cute.  I weaved a peach colored ribbon in and out of the lace then sewed two stripes down the front.  But you probably didn't even notice the best part because I haven't shown a close up:

I added cute tiny bows at the top of both strips of lace!  When I look at clothes, I first notice the shape and color, but I fall in love with the details.  I wanted to put all of my favorite details (bows, lace, ribbon, floral, and pink) into one fantastic dress.  May I say mission accomplished? 

Because I have worn this dress so many times, I am planning many variations but I keep going back to the idea of a white lace version with  a turquoise lining peeking through. Possibly a giant turquoise bow on the bust?  Thoughts?

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  1. This outfit screams 60's! Especially the print and the go-go pumps. Well done. It does seem like a very versatile pattern with oodles of options when it comes to trimmings and accents.