Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what I wore: star events regionals

 Why hello friends!  Today is a great day!  I missed school to compete in star events and guess what!?  I got silver!  How ecstatic am I?  Well.. very!  I really was unprepared due to procrastination, but state isn't for months, so I have so much extra time!  My goal for state?  Gold!

The dress code for star events was pretty strict- black skirt to the knee, white, black, or red blouse.  It left me a little room for creativity so I decked myself out in vintage, of course!
I am so excited to share my dress with you, but I want to wait until I fix a couple things on it and wear it on Valentine's day first!  

vintage skirt- savers
vintage sweater- estate sale
button up- savers
vintage cape- estate sale
vintage shoes- savers

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