Monday, February 4, 2013

what I wore: procrastination

My best friend Lauren, (who has a blog now!) told me today in AP art that I don't write enough on my blog. I post often, just not enough words are used.  And I she is right!  I can never get my thoughts to come across well in writing.  my sarcasm doesn't translate well.  But starting now I will try to do better!  

So where is procrastination in this outfit post?  That it even exists, my friends.  Procrastination is written all over. I should currently be working on a poster and crocheting a scarf for Star Events.  (The competition I'm sewing for)  Did I mention it's on Wednesday!?  Everything has to be done tomorrow after school, which puts me in a bit of a panic.  So- tonight I crochet, tomorrow in my two sewing classes I assemble a poster. Wish me luck!
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vintage skirt- Savers
vintage necklace- estate sale
vintage shoes- Savers

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