Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some Quality Places To Shop

Hey, it is still Madi!  Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite places to shop... which are mostly around the Salt Lake City area.  Let's get started!

The D.I. (A Thrift Store)
I will not deny how much I love the D.I.  Heh.  But really, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time at various D.I.'s around Utah, because they are all over the place.  That is what is so great about them!  Can't find anything at the D.I. you are at?  Well, just try the one in the next city over!  Or in the case of Salt Lake...well, I think there are about 5 D.I.'s in that city alone.  For a thrift store, things aren't the cheapest, but there are definitely a lot of interesting things to look at.  I could spend hours there!

Thrift Town (A Thrift Store....Obviously)
 Yay Thrift Town!  I love this place!  There is a ton of stuff, hours could be spent here as well.  Haha, my great grandma used to go here all the time, it's been around for quite a while.  And I think it looks like a grocery story.  But yes, it is definitely a fun one to go to, especially because everything is ridiculously cheap, and they are always having sales!

Decades (A Vintage Consignment Shop)
I think this place is so cool!  But because it is a consignment store, things are a bit more expensive.  Being a cheap teenage piano teacher, I think of this place as more like a museum (I don't tell myself that things are on sale, or I'd be too tempted!)  I think that normal people would see the prices as fair, though!  But really, they have so many cool things here, I could spend, heh heh, decades looking through everything.  AND THEY HAVE A CAT.  The only thing that could be better than that is if they had a baby sloth!

Unhinged (A Vintage Consignment Shop)
This place is really cool.  They sell a lot of (very tastefully selected) vintage items, as well as things that local artists make.  I actually got a prom dress from here!  It is from the 50's and in pretty good condition.  Most everything here is in good condition, it's not one of those places that you have to dig around forever to find something decent!  It's not huge, but there is still a lot to look at!

Well, there you have it.  I hope you all have a great day!

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