Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Sewing Habits (Of Madi)

Hey, it's Madi again!  I don't exactly know what to blog about, so today I shall be rambling about my love for sewing.  Sound good?  Excellent!

So pretty much, I have always loved to sew.  My grandmas started teaching me when I was about 7, and I took a bunch of local embroidery classes... which were kind of awkward because everyone was a lot older than I was.

I never really took it seriously until December 2011, when I was forced to make a vintage style dress for a play that I was in!

That is when I really learned how to use patterns, and I kind of became obsessed.  I am so lucky that my grandma has saved all of her mother's old patterns!

She let me take all the ones that I want (which is enough to keep me busy for eternity) as well as any of the fabric that was hers or her mum's.  I have done so much sewing with all that!

I made these shorts, they are my absolute favorite!
My favorite things to sew are dresses!  I usually don't follow the patterns exactly.  Well, I mostly use them for the top, but not for the skirts, and then sometimes I add things...like collars!  I am obsessed with collars.

I think it is so much fun to have complete control over what you are making!  Really, the options are endless--designing is the best part!

I actually sell most of the dresses that I make!  I'll show you my two favorite that I've sold...

I made the dress my brother's girlfriend wore to prom!
I don't really plan on going anywhere with my love for sewing.  Well, I really wouldn't be opposed to going into fashion design!  But I'm actually probably going into journalism....  However, sewing is such a fun hobby, and I think I'll keep it up forever!  Plus, it could be good money on the side, haha.

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