Saturday, June 22, 2013

This estate did some damage

As I mentioned earlier,  I am cleaning out and redoing my room.  Yesterday I was supposed to get the cleaning portion finished. Instead, I went to an estate sale and a couple garage sales- the best way to procrastinate! Or so I thought. Its really the absolute worst because I bought things when I'm trying to reduce the number of treasures in my room. This woman had bags and bags of yarn in one room. An additional room was dedicated just for her vintage fabric and patterns! I came, conquered,  and filled my car completely.

The real positive thing that came from my going out yesterday morning was that I bought a whole new set of furniture- boy, was it a steal! A bed, dresser, giant mirror, and two bedside tables for $60!!!

I bought too much for one post, but you'll see photos of my new room when I'm finished!

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